Hi, I'm Jason! I am a graphic designer based in London, UK. My work primarily involves both print and digital. I have a BA degree in Product Design but decided to venture into graphic design as I realised I enjoyed 2D more than 3D! I also do photography and video editing in my spare time - mainly revolves around travel.

I have worked in both creative and corporate agencies. This experience has allowed me to gain a broad range of clients which includes the likes of Telenor Group, iRobot, and Elsevier.

If I'm not sitting by my desk then I'm probably travelling! I'm a keen traveller, being lucky enough to have travelled around most of South East Asia, Europe and the States for the past few years. If you need recommendations for any SEA country, let me know!

If you would like to work together on a project or just simply have a chat, shoot me a message!